New Moon in Gemini ~ Mind, Body, Spirit Reading

New Moons are a time for fresh beginnings, new starts. To celebrate this new moon, which began in Gemini and is currently in Cancer, I brewed some detoxing Dandelion Tea and pulled a 3 card, Mind, Body, Spirit tarot reading.

I have a tendency to live in the clouds – to dream and day dream without thinking through actual steps toward a goal. Sometimes it gets me into trouble ~ this reading tells me to stay focused, and not get distracted in the multitudes or choices.

I’m working on an exciting large project “behind the scenes”, and it’s coming together so beautifully. There are bumps, as there always are, but if I can stay focused on tangible results (not my day dreams) and remember to rely on my friends and loved ones all will go well.

Spell Recipe – Kick your coughs to the curb

If you live in New England in the winter and/or if you have an elementary school aged child at home (like me) you know germs are jerky manifesters who enjoy setting up shop and making the household cough and achy and are SO ANNOYING for months.

Since Yule my little family has had cold after cold and we’re all begging each other to stop coughing on each other’s faces. I’m definitely not anti-medication – you do you – but I do try my best to find herbal and natural remedies when they are possible and safe.

I avoided stuff like Vick’s forever, but when we welcomed a tiny germ factory – I mean tiny person into our family I realized sometimes chemicals do the trick and everyone can get some sleep.

That said, I didn’t love that the product didn’t explain all of the ingredients on the label, but it worked so I made do! I’m on a path to living a more sustainable life, so I attempted to make my own cough suppressant cream.

We tried it as a family. One of us found it perfectly helpful, one found it slightly helpful, and one said it didn’t help at all. Give it a shot and let me know if it helps you! I Reiki charged ours, but I realize that’s not something you all have – happy to help you in that regard if you’d like – Let me know.

  • 1/4 cup virgin coconut oil
  • 8 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 8 drops peppermint essential oil

Apply to the chest and the feet (and cover in cozy socks) right before sleeping.